General conditions for Coach services

- Booking through a travel agency or the V.I.T.A. S.p.A. agency is mandatory.

 - The transport of small pets is allowed, as long as the necessary precautions have been implemented such as to render them harmless (es.muzzle) including the payment of a full fare ticket.

 - The transport of baggage is allowed, the baggage for which the Company assumes no responsibility in case of loss or damage, being the exclusive custody of the same by the person concerned. Baggage in excess of that allowed (No. 1 suitcase per person) or bulky items will be accepted depending on the availability of space remaining on board.

 - Tickets are personal and not transferable and their validity is limited to the date for which they were issued. Failure to make the trip does not entitle them to extend the use of the ticket and its refund.

 - The Company V.I.T.A. SpA disclaims any responsibility J3for missed connections and / or delays. The applicable law is only the Italian one, regardless of the nationality of the customer. Any dispute that may arise between the customer and V.IT.A. S.p.A.. must be submitted exclusively to Italian Judicial Authorities. Any dispute will be settled, exclusively, by the Court of Aosta.


 Under Article 13 of Decr.Legisl.n.196/2003 and in relation to personal data under V.I.T.A. S.p.A. in possesion at the time of booking, please note the following:

 The data is intended solely for the correct and complete execution of the requested service and is carried out by means of the transactions referred to in Article 4, paragraph 1 letter a of Legislative Decree mentioned above.

 -operations will be carried out with the aid of electronic instruments.

 -treatment is carried out by the owner and / or the processor.

 -Personal data will not be distributed and will not be transferred abroad.

 -The customer may at any time obtain from the owner of the confirmation of the existence of their personal data, as well as updating the same correction and / or completion and / or the removal and / or conversion into anonymous form. The data controller is V.I.T.A. S.p.A.. The data processor is V.I.T.A. S.p.A.

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